Wednesday, August 27, 2014

La Mariscal- Day and Night

La Mariscal, or Gringolandia, is a part of Quito that filled with shops and restaurants during the day and night clubs and bars during the night. Since we had nothing to do yesterday (Tuesday 8/26) a couple of us Oregon students decided to get some practice using the buses and discover what Gringolandia was all about.

Some Sights near La Mariscal.

Trivia at Finn McCool's
Later that night, one of our Ecuabuddies (an Ecuadorian student who is paired up with us through a club at USFQ) invited us out to Trivia at Finn McCool's, an "Irish Pub" in La Mariscal. We played a game of very Gringo-centric trivia, similar to what I play on Tuesday nights at Applebee's in Corvallis (One of the questions was even "What is Tiger Woods actual first name?") After trivia we went out dancing for a bit, before we all piled into a taxi together and headed home.

Los Fuegos Trivia Team


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