Monday, September 15, 2014


Shortly after our 2 hour bus ride to Mindo, we met a German lady who invited us to go rafting down Rio Mindo. I was a little skeptical as the guide tied 7 large inner-tubes together with some rope, but it turned out to be fun adventure that was thrilling, but I never once felt unsafe. It was great! The next morning we went to kill time before the rest of our group arrived from Quito at a hummingbird sanctuary. It was amazing! I saw more hummingbirds in moments after being there than I have in the rest of my life put together. I could not believe my eyes at least 20 swarmed around each of the 3 hummingbird feeders at a time trying to get a taste.
Once the rest of the group arrived, we went on a long hike to the Sanctuary Waterfalls, a series of 5 waterfalls. However, to get to the waterfalls, we had to first take a hand-powered cable car (seen at the left) that glides 152 m above the Mindo Cloud Forest.

After our hike, we went on a tour of a small cacao farm and chocolate factory. We finished up the night with dinner at the chocolate factory. My meal was pork covered in cacao barbecue sauce. It was delicious. 

On our last morning in Mindo, we went to a butterfly farm! There were so many butterflies and by spreading some banana on my finger (or not) I got to hold a butterfly. Also, my shirt was just the right color to attract unexpected butterfly visitors!

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