Saturday, October 25, 2014

Mitad del Mundo, La Ronda, y Termas de Papallacta

I stayed in Quito this weekend because I leave Monday morning for the Galapagos (I am so excited and I will post picture as soon as I can!). I went to a few places in and around Quito: Mitad del Mundo, La Ronda, and Termas de Papallacta. It's hard to make it to these because we are usually traveling outside of Quito on the weekends!

Mitad del Mundo

Mitad del Mundo is a tourist town about 45 minutes north of Quito by bus. In the town is the monument that marks where the equator is. However, since the use of modern technology they have found that the real equator is about 400 meters North of the monument. However, the monument was giant and really pretty and the town itself was very cute.

La Ronda

Calle de La Ronda is a historical street with many spanish style historical buildings in Centro Historico Quito. It is also very cool because it is a walking only street, which is super uncommon. It is nearly impossible to get places without nearly getting run over by cars every where you turn. It is well known for drinking Canelazo, a traditional warm alcoholic drink that is made with sugar and cinnamon. They are super sweet! We tried to do a Canelazo tour by drinking Canelazo from each place that served it, but we only made it to 2 restaurants until our stomachs hurt from all the sugar. 

Just getting started!
Our stomachs hurt!

Termas de Papallacta

The Termas de Papallacta are hot springs located in the Napo province about 2 hrs from Quito by bus. The water in them so hot! It was so hard to sit in some of them very long! Some of the hot springs looked more natural and others looked more like pools.

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