Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Sorry this post took me so long. I am running behind. I went to Otavalo on September 27-28th then, the next weekend to Cuenca, October 3rd-5th and hiked Volcan Pichincha on October 6th, but those two posts are soon to come!  My trip to Otavalo included the entire Oregon University System group. We met really early on Saturday morning in Quito and rode a school bus to Otavalo. We first stopped at a small cafe that look over the town, then directly to the Otavalo Market. It is famous for it's Saturday Artisan Market and for a good reason! It was huge, so many vendors and trinkets, it was so busy it was hard to buy stuff. Then after lunch we went to an indigenous instrument factory and learn about local instruments. After we headed to La cascada de Peguche. In the evening we spent quite a while trying to find our hostel, because it was extremely secluded and really gorgeous. On Sunday, we headed to Laguna Cuicocha and spent the rest of our trip hiking around. It was a short but sweet trip to Otavalo and I plan to go back at the end of my trip. 

Here is what i bought in Otavalo:

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